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Joey Yung wants to study acting with Anthony Wong
Simon Yam picks up gifts from fans for Joey Yung
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Joey Yung Cho Yi, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, and Simon Yam Tat Wa yesterday were guests at Emperor Motion Picture and UA cinema circuit's first Emperor UA cineplex opening ceremony in Foshan. They conducted a hand print ceremony with Emperor boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing. Yung Cho Yi was very excited to learn about the company's cinema opening. She said, "I definitely will book shows to enjoy (Nicholas) Tse Ting Fung's and my movies. I will even consider holding a fan event here."

Joey said that she always goes to the movies, her favorite was the airport cinema. So few people went there that she could book a cinema every time. She also joked that she thought watching more movies would be able to elevate her acting ability, actually that did not work.

Reporters told her to learn from the two Best Actors next to her. Joey actually did not know that Chau Sun was teaching students. When Chau Sun told her to immediately pay her tuition, she actually asked if there was any discount. Brother Wa joked that if she pays the full tuition she will be fully taught.

Brother Wa revealed that he wanted to be a cinema manager. He liked to sneak into the cinema and watch all the love stories, like when a guy takes a girl to watch a horror film for the chance to protect her. Chau Sun said that he often came to Foshan to watch movies and revealed that he would watch several shows a day. Joey asked if he went to Yau Ma Tei to watch dirty movies? Brother Wa and Chau Sun were surprised. "I can't believe you would say that!"

Yam Tat Wa said, "If the Emperor cinema needs 'stop piracy recording' video, I will consider performing. Then Chau Sun and I can play a pirate and a law enforcement agent." Wong Chau Sun said that he had a bond with Foshan. His earlier film IP MAN THE FINAL FIGHT (IP MAN JUNG GIK YUT JIN) was shot in Foshan. At the time a realistic Hong Kong street set was made. The months of production in Foshan were memorable to him.

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