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Wong Cho Nam and Eliza Sam want to win the nomination prize
Jeana Ho
Tracey Chu would wait for her sisters to graduate before asking them if they would like to try a beauty pageant
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Eliza Sam Lai Heung yesterday attended a 2014 Miss Hong Kong pageant recruitment yesterday with Wong Cho Nam and Tracey Chu Chin Suet. This year added a nominator prize. Anyone who successfully nominated a final candidate would receive HK$10,000. Heung Heung earlier was rumored to the target of an actress boycott while working on LAT GAING BA WONG FA in Malaysia. Heung Heung denied that, "I only found out about this report after I returned to Hong Kong. During the shoot everyone was very united and very happy. We six girls helped each other, we were as close as sisters." She said that they communicated through WeChat and she often missed everyone. Was it because the more girls there were the more troubles ensued? She said, "Everyone had a very tough time with the fight scenes, we wouldn't gossip. We would only teach each other how to treat the wounds and recommend Chinese medicine practitioners."

LAT's Jeana Ho Pui Yu last night attended a film event also denied that Heung Heung was boycotted. "I felt that it was very strange. Because Heung Heung, Yun Yi and I belonged to the same team in the film, our relationship was great. We shot in Kuala Lumpur for a month and we were like sisters. We went out and went to the movies together. I don't understand why this rumor would appear. Heung Heung is very friendly. (Are you afraid that you would be mistaken for bullying Heung Heung?) There may be gossip with more girls, but between us sisters we clearly understand each other. I am very happy to have met good friends this time."

Jeana gained weight and got a tan for the film. Claiming that she gained around 17 pounds, Jeana said, "After the movie when I came back, I received many complaints. Because I had to play female SDU, before the shoot I gained weight and completely abandoned the previous bone structure. I even got sick from eating, I am a little worried that I won't be able to get back into shape." She also joked, "The disaster areas are the thighs, the bicep and the belly. Later I will work on Yip Lim Sum (Patrick Kong)'s new film, so I have to repeatedly get back into shape."

Cathryn Lee also worked on the film. Playing a cop she had many crook chasing scenes. She personally performed the stunts and her legs were bruised all over. Recently she posted photos of her "busted" legs on facebook.

The Malaysian Cathryn Lee earlier worked on the film in Kuala Lumpur and received all kinds of bruises from fight scenes. Her legs were not only bruised but also her toe nail was damaged. New wounds appeared before her old wounds healed. "I am afraid that I would become addicted to fighting, I am even training in self defense. During the shoot I didn't go home. After the shoot when I went back, Mommy saw I was injured all over and cried. I am afraid that the scars won't fade. Later I will try laser scar removal. I have also removed anything spicy or greasy out of my diet."

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