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Stephy Tang shows up like a lady in hopes of riding her on screen mean girl image
Patrick Kong, Stephy Tang and Alex Fong Lik Sun toast to the HK$10 million mark
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Alex Fong Lik Sun, Stephy Tang Lai Yun and director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) two nights ago attended the film ANNIVERSARY (GEI LIM YUT)'s exchange forum in Causeway Bay, around 40 to 50 fans attended. The trio even tried special beverages. The reporters asked Siu Fong and Stephy for a glass exchange wedding toast, but they were only willing to comply with a simple toast. Stephy said that she had to maintain her lady image because in the film she was too sassy. She was worried that the audience would think that she would really yell at Siu Fong like that in real life. She said, "Arguments kill a lot of cells, so I won't do that." Siu Fong also said that they normally would not argue because arguments hurt the relationship and cells, but when they finished their argument scenes the crew would give him a pat on his shoulder to comfort him. They thought that they really argued.

Siu Fong revealed that lately they went to the Mainland for audience appreciation events. "Hong Kong held advanced screenings from the 24th to the 27th, because of the overwhelming response they were extended from the 28th to the 30ths. The box office of those few days reached HK$ 6 million. For its official release on the 31st, the number of cinemas would double. I hope it will be able to pass HK$ 10 million. (IP MAN 3 is very strong at the box office.) I don't have any pressure. Their strength is their problem. They can pass HK$ 100 million, we are already very happy with passing HK$ 10 million. Just (Donnie) Yen Chi Tan's salary is already more than our box office, so it's normal. When we win word of mouth we already treat it like a victory> " Siu Fong also said that this was the fourth installment of their film series. He would like the most to break the film L FOR LOVE L FOR LIES (NGOR DIK JUI OI)'s HK$ 12 million box office record. Speaking of another strong rival STAR WARS Episode 7, he joked, "We fight like 'Mars crashes into Earth', we have STAR WARS elements. We then fight physically, which also has IP MAN elements. We also have a lot of romantic elements. I hope everyone would support us."

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