Thursday, January 14, 2016


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The Jackie Chan starred new film RAILROAD TIGERS wrapped earlier but never officially announced its cast. Yesterday the film company finally released three posters and unveiled the three Flying Tiger "team members", Tao Huang Zitao, Nick Wang Kai and Dareen Wang. All three were last year's piping hot "god" representatives.

The posters featured three warm colors of yellow, red and orange. They all had blood stains from "fierce battles" on their faces. The poster also had different slogans to reveal each characters' specialty. Later the film's official site also released three childhood photos. They all each held a toy train or rode a model train.

Meanwhile Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) was arrested on drug charges in Beijing two years ago and his career came to a complete halt. Although Jackie Chan said that he would not help his son at work, he still acted in the end. Eric Tsang Chi Wai earlier hinted in Taiwan that Cho Ming will take place in Jackie Chan's new film RAILROAD TIGERS.

Cho Ming who once said that he did not want to work with Jackie Chan did so this time not only to start over but also for his friend Ko Chen-Tung. Although the ban on both has been completely lifted, Ko Chen-Tung so far still has not been able to step foot in the Mainland market. Thus Cho Ming hoped to help his friend. He hoped that after his film was released that he would loosen the chains on Ko Chen-Tung. In addition, Ko Cheng-Tung earlier guest starred on Giddens Ko's new film.

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