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Jimmy Wang fainted at the Bangkok airport and remains in critical condition  Daughter Linda Wong has flown there to be by his side.
Jimmy Wang rose to fame in the 70s with THE ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN
Jimmy Wang appears for the first time after his first stroke five years ago
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According to an Oriental Daily exclusive, famous Shaw martial art superstar and Taiwan actor Jimmy Wang Yu a week ago fainted at the Bangkok airport in Thailand and was rushed to the hospital. Because Wang Yu was by himself, after he fainted at the airport the airport personnel luckily was able to find his Taiwan identification and company card from his luggage and contact his family. His daughter is artist Linda Wong Hing Ping.

After Wang Yu was hospitalized the doctor diagnosed him as suffering a stroke. After two brain operations to reduce pressure his condition remained critical. Now his skull was only temporarily sealed but yet "nailed" together in case of a third brain operation. Due to the uncertainty of the condition, the doctor encouraged his family and close friends to fly there to be by his side and keep talking to him to call upon his will to live. His daughter Wong Hing Ping and others have already flown there over night to take care of him at the hospital.

According to someone informed, "His condition is a little better, although he can't move at all. He can open his eyes and probably can hear us speak, but he can't speak." Although his condition was more stable, because it remained critical he could not use any medical flight to fly him back to Taiwan for treatment for now. Wang Yu is at a five star hospital's ICU in Thailand, his medical expense has already reached HK$ 2 million.

Actually in June 2011 Wang Yu suffered a mild stroke in the Mainland. He almost could not move his left arm. At the time he was hospitalized for two weeks and was released. He did not need a wheel chair. Due to the serious condition this time, Wang Yu's condition has to be stabilized before the doctor can determine any after effect or recovery progress from this sudden brain hemorrhage. Wang Yu's family hoped to keep Wang Yu's hospitalization low key and confidential. Only the closest family remembers and several veteran industry insiders knew about it and visited. Wong Hing Ping has not yet replied.

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