Thursday, January 7, 2016


Eddie Law does not hold back
Apple Chan takes a swing at Eddie Law
Emily Cheung
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Apple Chan Chi Yau and Eddie Law Tin Chi earlier worked on the new film SIU NUI DA LUI TOI (YOUNG GIRL IN THE RING) in Shenzhen. The first time lead actress did not hold back at all, not only did she appear in low cut work out gear but also took a beating from Law Tin Chi.

Did he hit her by accident in any important area? Law Tin Chi said, "No, I am very accurate. Because I teach how to throw a punch, I know to where to hit. (Maybe Chan Chi Yau went to the wrong spot?) We are professionals and well rehearsed, in addition her reaction is very fast." Did her "boyfriend" Owen Cheung Chun Long ask Law Tin Chi to take good care of her? Chan Chi Yau awkwardly said, "I don't know, they would talk about that privately. Tin Chi has been taking great care of me. Because the entire cast of LOVE COME HOME is very close, he would take care of me even without being asked." Could she fight? The daughter of a former fighter Chan Chi Yau said, "For a girl I should be able to. (Better than Cheung Chun Long?) I haven't tried it, I have never fought anyone. I really want to try it. (With Cheung Chun Long?) Guys are stronger than girls. (He is so mild mannered that he can't fight?) I think so, I guess I am better!"

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