Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Leon Lai loses his wife in an avalanche
Leon Lai opens up his social media accounts with a parody photo of himself
courtesy of mingpao.com
Leon Lai and Wang Luodan share a kiss
Leon Lai sheds tears
courtesy of on.cc

Leon Lai Ming and Wang Luodan worked together on the film THE SECRET (SIU SUT DIK OI YUN) and played a romance that was destined to be lost. They even had many kiss scenes.

Lai Ming was invited to perform the theme song for the film, interpreting the character's emotions with his singing. He said, "Too many things in our lives are taken for granted. They are so simple that most seem to overlook them. Yet at a certain moment, we would suddenly realize that these normally seemingly ordinary happiness are gone. We would only feel their value once they are gone."

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