Thursday, January 7, 2016


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The Sammo Hung Kam Bo directed and starred film THE BODYGUARD (NGOR DIK DUT GUNG YEH YEH) yesterday held its Beijing press conference. Yesterday was Big Brother Big's 64th birthday, actors Andy Lau Tak Wa, Feng Jiayi and Zhu Yuchen all wished him Happy Birthday. He said, "As long as everyone can open their eyes everyday, it is a type of happy birthday." Wa Jai first gave Big Brother Big a big, big hug, then introduced Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah, Yuen Ting and Yuen Bo. They gave him sunglasses, water bottles and other gifts and even gave a Cantonese song to celebrate. Big Brother Big remembered, "Every year on Lunar New Year's Eve Yuen Wah and I would play Chinese poker for candy, which would turn into a fight over candy. Once I left home for three days, Yuen Wah snuck meals to me. Finally Master gave him over 80 lashes but he did not make a sound. Since then I told him to hit me every Lunar New Year's Eve and I wouldn't retaliate." Big Brother Big also joked that taking the gifts home would be quite a headache. In the end he hung the gifts on his body and said that good health for everyone was the most important.

Also a producer, Wa Jai said that this film aside from action also had a lot of emotional scenes. He even revealed that Big Brother Big had romantic scenes with many women, but Big Brother Big said that there was no bed scene and for everyone not to even think about it. Wa Jai joked, "Because we can't wait, Big Brother Big says that he has to have eight pack abs before making a bed scenes." Big Brother Big praised Wa Jai for his outstanding performance in the film. Even when they argued on the set, Wa Jai in the end would definitely listen to Big Brother Big.

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