Thursday, January 14, 2016


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Irene Wan and Patrick Tam play a couple in their new film
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Irene Wan Bik Ha and Patrick Tam Yiu Man in their new film LOVE IN LATE AUTUMN (OI JOI SUM CHAU) play a couple. First time producer Irene states that she has a sense of duty toward the film. "I want to contribute to the film industry, I hope to direct next time and make a movie that I like. I approach Ah tam because I want to find an actor who can act and also able to give the audience a sense of realism. When we work together we have great spark. Our performance has fire but still is comfortable. (The film is about first love, do you want your first boyfriend to see the message in your film?) I remember at the time my first love wanted to get married, but it was before I met my current husband. I didn't have confidence in marriage. At the time he was pretty hurt. Since then we no longer had any contact. No matter what, I hope he can cherish everything that he has now."

As for Irene's compliment of being righteous, Ah Tam says, "I won't say I am righteous, I am only serious about work and family. I thank my real wife for her understanding and tolerance of me. Being able to play the husband of goddess Irene is a dream come true! (Have you ever fall for your co-star?) At first when I try to get into the character I would have some feeling, but so far I have never been unable to leave the character. I wouldn't let others tempt me either, I don't like complication!"

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