Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Vincent Kok, Francis Ng and Ronald Cheng
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Film stars Francis Ng Chun Yu, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei and director Vincent Kok Tak Siu appeared on the cable program Film Montage to promote their new film HOUSE OF WOLVES (NGOK YUN GUK). Kok Tak Siu said that he has already worked with Cheng Chung Kei many times. This time he even tailored the role for him. "This time the character was tailored to him. On the other hand the other jerk character had to pretend to have muscular dystrophy for a long time, which was quite a test for actors. If anyone was able to act and bring out the spirit of a jerk, Chun Yu had to be it!" Kok Tak Siu even said that at first he was interested in asking Chun Yu's son Feynman to perform but he turned it down. Chun Yu joked, "He is an idol, once he had to wear a costume for a shoot. He actually asked if he could wear his own clothes. He even brought his favorite lightsaber on camera."

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