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Tsui Hark makes a surprise appearance and exchange compliments with Stephen Chow
Stephen Chow has promoted the film in 20 Mainland cities
Kitty Zhang says that as soon as she heard Stephen Chow's offer she flew back for the shoot
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Stephen Chow Sing Chi's film MERMAID (MEI YUN YU) yesterday held a Beijing press conference. Sing Yeh attended as the latest "KING OF COMEDY training class" president led Deng Chao, Show Lo (Law Chi Cheung), Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Jelly Lin Yun and Lee Sheung Ching in attendance. At the press conference, Sing Yeh dressed like a mermaid and danced hip hop. He even asked the audience, "Don't I look handsome? Doesn't my hat look good?"

Deng Chao said that his character in the film had a past that he did not want to recall. Sing Yeh said, "Deng Chao whether in drama or comedy has very high abilities. His character actually is a child, but in this world he has to pretend to be an adult. He becomes a very invincible character who is only out for himself. He put mustache on his face, which isn't him at all." Law Chi Cheung said that last time when he worked with Sing Yeh on JOURNEY TO THE WEST: CONQUERING THE DEMONS (SAI YAU GONG MOR PIN), he sat in his performance from the beginning to the end; this time in MERMAID he finally did not have to sit, but he did not have a moment of peace either. He said, "This time I am not playing a human, a character that is hardest to play since my career started. It is an octopus!" He even asked to play a normal person next time without any kidney problem. Sing Yeh joked, "Why don't you play an octopus with weak kidneys. How would you walk?" Lin Yun said that in the film the mermaid's mode of transportation was a skateboard. Walking with a fish tail was very slow so she used a skateboard. The director gave her skateboarding lessons. During the shoot her legs were tied to the skateboard.

At the event, Tsui Hark made a surprise appearance and revealed that he made a special appearance in MERMAID. Tsui Hark even announced that the Sing Yeh produced, Tsui Hark directed JOURNEY TO THE WEST 2 will soon be released. As for the reason for the collaboration, Sing Yeh nonsensically said, "Tsui Hark's acting is great. Actually directors know how to act the best. I feel that one is Director Tsui, the other is me, nothing more has to be said about our acting." Tsui Hark recalled, "Many years ago, we talked about working together for many years. However he was too busy. I waited for him and finally I made it. I stood on the set but didn't dare to move. Zhang Yuqi and Deng Chao didn't dare to move either. We moved when we heard something, we had to watch the director."

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