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Raymond Wong and Teresa Mo attend an audience appreciation event and share their past production experience
Teresa Mo and Raymond Wong are surprised that most viewers have seen ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL over ten times
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Teresa Mo Shun Kwan and Raymond Wong Pak Ming earlier attended the audience appreciation event for their classic Lunar New Year film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL (GA YAU HEI SI)'s extended version. Although the film has been shown on television for years, the extended version was still popular with viewers at the movies. Many viewers who knew about ALL'S from the re-runs spent money to watch it on the big screens, much to the duo's surprise. Mo Shun Kwan said that she has not been to a cinema for an audience appreciation event in a long time. Her feeling was rather mixed from seeing a group of viewers who supported a 24 year old film. When asked who has seen the film more than ten times, almost all of the audience raised their hands.

Won Pak Ming admitted that he was rather sentimental about ALL'S being released again. He revealed that back then robbers tried to rob the film at gunpoint. Luckily they failed and this classic was able to return to big screen. The gun fight scene in the film was added according to Korea's request. Only because the popularity of A BETTER TOMORROW (YING HUNG BOON SIK)'s style, the three brothers' rescue of Sandra Ng Kwan Yu was added and shown in the extended version.

Wong Pak Ming revealed that Mo Shun Kwan and Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing came up with one of the mahjong scene together. Mo Shun Kwan said, "Gor Gor and I came up with that mahjong scene, and the idea even happened in real life. As for who threw four tiles into the toilet, I can't say, haha." Speaking of IP MAN 3's performance, Wong Pak Ming revealed that it has already passed HK$ 56 million and in fifth place in Hong Kong box office record. He hoped that the film will reach HK$ 60 million.

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