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All the emotions come rushing to Nick Cheung as soon as he takes his place.  He even looks at the playback for every shot
Everyone is very serious at the meeting scene
Louis Cheung cannot pig out during the Lunar New Year because he has to take off his shirt for his new series
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Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Lo Hoi Pang earlier worked on the film LINE WALKER (SI TOH HUNG JEH) in a Ngau Tau Kok commercial building for a conference room meeting scene. Although it was just a dramatic scene, Ka Fai looked for the playback after every shot to get an understanding of his performance. He was very professional. He said that this shoot has been very smooth and comfortable because director Man Wai Hung was very experienced and had good arrangement. The action scene has already begun production as well. They just finished a major scale gun fight and the result was very entertaining.

Speaking of the Brazil location shoot, Ka Fai revealed that he will leave on the Lunar 4th. Thus during the Lunar New Year holiday he will pay visits to the elders' homes. "I hope this time in Brazil we can shoot some scenes that are rarely seen in Hong Kong films. I expect long distance travel and local crime problems there. (Is your wife Esther Kwan Wing Ho worried?) She seems to have never mentioned that! Actually I am not too worried either. When we go out to make a movie we can easily have 100 people together. As long as I watch myself and don't go to night spots, and shop with a big group of people, I believe it won't be much of a problem."

Working with Louis Koo Tin Lok again, Ka Fai said that they had chemistry from all the times before so the shoot has been smooth. On the other hand he worked with Charmaine Sheh Si Man for the first time. "In the film I have few scenes with Ah Sheh. Originally we had a scene but we couldn't get to it due to rain. It's the first time I work with Ah Sheh. We have never worked on a series together at TVB, but I was the older class. She came in after I left."

Guest star Cheung Kai Chung worked with Cheung Ka Fai again after KEEPER OF DARKNESS (TOR DEI KUI MOR YUN) and was very excited. "We only have a few scenes together. It's better that way. I would sweat having too many scenes with Ka Fai." He said that if Ka Fai directs again and can use him, he would immediately agree. He also revealed that he will work on his new series before the Lunar New Year. In the show he will take off his shirt again. Thus during the Lunar New Year he will not dare to pig out on turnip cake and poon choi. He hoped that it will only be one scene. "For this scene I have to spends days eating steamed chicken and vegetables. It's like after becoming a stripper it's very hard to shake off the image!"

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