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Winner Jennifer Coosemans's outstanding appearance makes her the favorite among the candidates and the judges
Mary Chen's direct personality wins her a lot of points in her question and answer segments
Second runner up Tania Luan receives high score in several segments
Louisa Mak's carp fairy costume feels a little odd.  She says carp is good luck.  The costume belongs to Eliza Sam's UNDER THE VEIL character

Sisley Choi laughs off rumors with Tony Hung
Whitney Hui, Phoebe Pang, Lisa Ch'ng, Jennifer Shum, Gloria Tang, Samantha Ko can really take the cold!
Kayi Cheung, Janet Chow, Christine Kuo, Tracy Chu
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Hong Kong's Louisa Mak ends her run at the top five
Jennifer Coosemans gives her all in every segment and gets her wish as she becomes Miss Chinese International
Jennifer Coosemans performs a cheer routine and wins applause with a split
Second runner up, Sydney's Tiana Luan keeps her composure during her performance
The male star jury consists of Alex Fong Lik Sun, Pakho Chau, Sammy Sum, Ruco Chan, Lai Lok Yi and Alfred Hui
Samantha Ko denies that she is in a secret relationship with Tang Chi Wai
Janet Chow, Christine Kuo, Oceane Zhu
Grace Chan has been using heating pads all day
Tracy Chu says she is not cold but shivers during her interview
Katherine Ho (right) bends down during the commercial break for a jury selfie
Lawrence Cheng is at a loss of words, luckily Carol Cheng steps in and saves him
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The 2016 Miss Chinese International pageant took place last night at the TVB Television City. The winner is the pre race favorite from Vancouver, the 21 year old candidate 14 Jennifer Coosemans (Chu Ah Lam). First runner up and second runner up are the New York candidate 9 Mary Chen and the Sydney candidate 12 Tiana Luan. Los Angeles candidate 6 Alice Wong won Miss Friendship.

The winner Chu Ah Lam due to her resemblance to Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yan) has always been the favorite. The 21 year old is 5 foot 6 inch tall and weighs 121.8 pounds. Her measurements are 35-25-36. An university student, she can speak Putonghua, English, Cantonese, French and Shanghainese. She likes hiking, water sports, piano and trombone playing. After completing her bachelor's program she would like to go to law school and study law.

Last night the hosts were Carol Cheng Yui Ling, Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui and Maria Lai Chi Shan. The judges consists of hunks (diamond) and beauties (elegance). The diamond jury included Alex Fong Lik Sun, Pakho Chau, Ruco Chan Chin Pang, Lai Lok Yi, Sammy Sum Chun Hin and Alfred Hui Kin Ting. The elegance jury's 20 beauties included Oceane Zhu Xuan, Grace Chan Hoi Lam, Christine Kuo, Tracy Chu Tsin Suet, Samantha Ko Hoi Ning and Carat Cheung Ming Nga. The pageant announced the elegance jury 's top three highing scoring candidates. In the first round 14 candidates appeared in evening gowns and introduced themselves. Then they appeared in cultural costumes and swimsuits. The three highest scoring candidates of the three segements were Mint Kongraphan (Bangkok), Tiana Luan (Sydney) and Chu Ah Lam (Vancouver).

During the swimsuit segment, the candidates braved the 7 degree Celsius temperature and wore leopard print bikinis and appeared with topless male dancers. During the question and answer segment, Louisa Mak Ming Sze (hong Kong) was asked which occasion was the best place to wear a halter top? She at first suggested that next year's Miss Chinese swimsuits could be halter tops. Later she said that if she won Miss Chinese she would not mind wearing it. Later the three highest scoring candidates were joined by Sophia Wu (Nanjing) and Mary Chen (New York) in the top five. Hong Kong candidate Mak Ming Sze looked disappointed as she did not end up in the top five.

The five final candidates performed the talent portion for higher scores. Mary Chen performed an English song; Sophia Wu danced; Mint Kongraphan sang while playing water glasses and the live audience gave an enthusiastic response; Tiana Luan performed the Cantonese song I LIKE YOU; Chu Ah Lam performed a cheerleading cartwheel and split and again won applause. For the final three, the candidates presented flowers to their favorite. Finally Chu Ah Lam received the most congratulation, obviously deserving her crown.

The female artists formed the elegance jury participated in the pageant. They dressed up and took selfies like mad during the commercial breaks. Chan Hoi Lam, Jacqueline Wong Sum Wing and Chu Tsin Suet took selfies, Katherine Ho Yim Guen in the back row also jumped in from the back.

During the swimsuit question and answer segment, a lot of traditional Chinese fengshui items like tiger charm and coin sword were used to test the candidates. However even the host was stumped. When Cheng Tan Shui asked candidate 5 Janice Choong and 6 Alice Wong to use the coin sword to wear off evil spirt and recite a curse, he could not remember how to translate the coin sword. Cheng Yui Ling had to step in and translate it as "Sword of coins".

Cheng Yui Ling asked diamond jury member Fong Lik Sun what quality must the winner have. He loudly said, "The quality is to make me all wet. When I see pretty girls my palms would sweat, when I see Sister Do they would too!"

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