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The 2nd First Feature Film Initiative Award presentation ceremony and press conference took place yesterday. The event showed three films that received assistance last year, the Stephy Tang Lai Yun starred OPUS 1 (NAM TIN BAK WON), the Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Charmaine Fong Ho Man and Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling) starred MAD WORLD (YUT LIM MO MING), and the Liu Kai Chi starred WEEDS ON FIRE (DIM NG BO). Chi Tan while talking about the production experience broke into foul language twice as he complained about the difficulties. This was a very heavy film but had a very good scripts, so he dragged friends Lok Jai and Kam Yin Ling down with him. He even impersonated Lok Jai's foul mouthed outburst during the shoot, which made everyone crack up.

Later Chi Wai said that during the production the environment was very hot, the story was heavy and completely the opposite of his role accepting qualification. However he did not invest because the government assisted with the limit of only HK$ 2 million. Did he have a salary? He joked that he had to bring his own meals, but the film was so sincere that he had to support it. Would he hire the new director? He wanted to but nowadays young people had their own ideas. He hoped to win Best Actor with the film and revealed that he drew Lok Jai in with that. He jokingly asked him if he wanted to be Best Actor but he won't be paid. He praised Lok Jai for putting in a lot of effort into the film and even turned down other movies that could make him money. Speaking of a memorial hall for Anita Mui Yim Fong, Chi Wai said that originally yesterday he came to discuss this matter with Secretary Gregory So Kam Leung. However he did not attend due to a meeting. He felt that the museum would not be built in a day, he hoped that in the future he would be able to put Ah Mui and Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's awards together.

Stephy said that OPUS received HK$ 5 million from the Film Development Council. She has been very supportive of the local film productions so this time she only charged transportation costs. Stephy said that after reading the script she was in awe. She also felt that making a drama was pretty tough and very different from making a commercial film. In the past everyone felt that she was stuck in romance, this time was considered a challenge for her.

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