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Adam Cheng, Jelly Lin, Stephen Chow and Karen Mok take a selfie
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Stephen Chow Sing Chi's new film MERMAID (MEI YUN YU) yesterday held YOU ARE THE BEST theme press conference in Beijing. The film promotional song YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD's music video was played. Sing Yeh and performers Karen Mok Man Wai and Adam Cheng Siu Chau appeared. Karen and Chau Guoon even received special "mermaid" models and "Invincible Fragrant General" fish tail fan. Sing Yeh was asked why he chose this classic Cantonese song. He said that he particularly liked old song. This song's first element was wuxia and the second was emotions. As for why he asked Karen and Chau Guoon to team up, Sing Yeh admitted that the song title represented everything. "No matter how I look at it, in the end you are still the best!" He praised their version for even stronger emotions and even more mermaid flavor.

Karen said that she agreed right away and that Sing Yeh of course had to ask her. He had no other choice. Chau Guoon revealed that his wife and his daughter are both Sing Yeh fans. "My daughter while watching his movie fell from the sofa to the floor from laughing. I am his fan too. He is like a very wonderful chef, able to bring together various ingredients for a new flavor." Speaking of working with Karen for the first time, Chau Guoon said that his daughter once said Karen sang very well. He felt that BEST was a hero song, but Karen had quite a bold handle on it as well. She was able to perform a lot of the deeper emotions. The trio in the music video danced and sang. Karen even said that other directors while recording would not dare to do this. Chau Guoon said, "If another director recorded a song like this I would kick him out."

Karen and Sing Yeh worked together again after fifteen years. She said, "When I worked with him when I was young, I wasn't afraid of anything. It was a very rare experience. Without his films I wouldn't be here today. Now many people still think that my teeth are like they were in GOD OF COOKERY (SIK SUN)." She said that she has performed songs in Sing Yeh films and thus she was able to develop her singing career. She stated the Sing Yeh was her benefactor. Chow Sing Chi replied, "Mok Man Wai has more and more flavor, and is prettier and prettier." In addition, new "Sing Girl" Jelly Lin Yun admitted that she was very lucky to be able to perform in Sing Yeh's film. However the pressure was huge, at work everyone was very serious. Sing Yeh said, "I saw a new comer go from being inexperienced to coming in contact with acting, the process was difficult. This character actually was also very hard, but the result was the best. Mok Man Wai was that way too back then."

Chau Guoo and Sing Yeh actually worked together 28 years ago. The event played their scene from the television series BEHIND SILK CERTAINS. Chau Guoon revealed that when they shot their last scene at the airport, the airport was rushing them out of fear that they would affect operation. However Sing Yeh very seriously studied how he would die at the elevator door, which kept hitting him. Sing Yeh joked that at the time Chau Guoon said, "Since you can't die no matter how you try, I am leaving work first!"

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