Sunday, January 17, 2016


Connie Man, Dominic Ho, Iris Chung, Hazel Tong
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Connie Man and Dominic Ho are popular with the audience
Iris Chung has a forehead wound from falling at home
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Dominic Ho Ho Man two nights ago appeared in Causeway Bay with his THE GIGOLO 2 (NGAP WONG 2) co-star Connie Man Hoi Ling, Hazel Tong Chi Yui and Iris Chung Choi Yi for an audience appreciation event. They played games with and gave away prizes to the audience. Dominic and Man Hoi Ling were surrounded as they posed for pictures. Later they agreed that they knew the S and M scene in the end and the funny parts became bright spots for viewers. "The director was too serious with all the blood and violence."

Dominic felt that this time was more dramatic than last time, the lighting and the camera angles were decent. After the premiere did he ask his "future girlfriend" for her opinion? He said, "Lately I am very busy, I haven't asked her yet. However my dad after the show gave me a few pats and said it was pretty good. He told me, 'I will wait and see what will you do in the next one'. He seemed to be trying to pressure me to play something else. My Ma said that she was very sleepy. I didn't dare to think what reaction my parents would have from watching my bed scene. My dad actually took my grandma to see the early show of the last film. After watching Grandma told me, 'I know it's tough for you!'"

Iris had a wound on her forehead. She joked, "Domestic violence at home! I am just joking, I fell down because I didn't have my glasses on. Luckily my arms broke the fall. Seniors who live alone really have to be more careful. Actually I get hurt very easily. Earlier when I worked on a fight scene with (Joyce) Cheng Yun Yi, she was fine but I was bruised all over."

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