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[2016.01.30] GONG LI GETS RED EYES

Gong Li promotes THE MONKEY KING 2 in Chengdu
The White Bone Spirit's air battle against the Monkey King has realistic effects
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The Year of the Monkey Lunar New Year epic THE MONKEY KING 2 (SAI YAU GEI ji SUEN NG HUNG SAM DA BAK GWUT JING) in order to bring about the fantasy world of JOURNEY TO THE WEST had 98% of its shots undergone the special effect treatment. The total number of special effect shots reached 2,300. No wonder the film's realistic effects could rival Hollywood's.

Sing Sing in the film fought from a small village to an ancient city to a snowy land, repeatedly going after Gong Li who wanted to harm the Tang Monk (Feng Shaofeng). Under action director Sammo Hung Kam Bo's thoughtful designs and a lot of computer special effect shots, the action scenes were extremely entertaining. The White Bone Spirit transformed into half a giant skeleton to battle Wukong left many breathless.

Gong Li in the film's black and white White Bone Spirit costume with her red eyes and black and white scales that were barely visible added to her mystery. In order to gain the Tang Monk's trust, She turned into an old lady. Not only were the make up and costume so convincing that no one recognized Gong Li, but also her sorrowful eyes as she spoke of her bitter life as one of the unlucky ones made her acting convincing as well!

Sing Sing held his own. Under the team's special design half human, half monkey special effect look and through a lot of facial expressions he expressed Wukong's emotional world as the Tang Monk misunderstood him and as he negotiated with the White Bone Spirit. Sing Sing was able to show off his acting. Law Chung Him played the all blue, muscular Sand Monk. In the film he, Wukong and the Xiao Shenyang played Piggy fought. Xiao Shenyang revealed that his lines displayed Piggy's lustful character. In order for a sexy demon he still boastfully pretended to be extraordinary to bring joy to the film and the audience in the New Year!

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