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Father and son Chang Kuo-Chu and Chang Chen appear in Hong Kong
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Taiwan actor Chang Chen and his father Chang Kuo-Chu yesterday attended a film academy master class forum at the Hong Kong Baptist University. He shared with students his film with the late director Edward Yang Tak Cheung, A BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY. The producer Yu Weiyan was also present. Speaking of BRIGHT as Chang Kuo-Chu and Chang Chen's first father and son collaboration, Chang Kuo-Chu stated that the film was a very important stage for them. He said, "This was Chang Chen's first officially completed film, I also officially made a good movie. Director Yang gave Chang Chen a lot of cultivation and was very influential on him. (Chang Chen) was able to use what he learned for the rest of his life. Because I haven't had the training, my acting has always been very rotten." He also said that when he made BRIGHT, Director Yang used a lot of art university students and very little money. He believed that it was quite a revelation to students. He even hoped to have a chance to work on a film as father and son again.

Chang Chen said that he was very happy to attend the event and share with students. When he made BRIGHT he was only 13, he has already forgotten a lot. Yet because producer Yu Weiyan was very mean, what he could remember was bad. He said, "Although the production was tough, I hope to be able to share the fun and interest parts for a film production with the students." He said that in the Lunar New Year he will be with his family. In March or April he will make the BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES prequel. He hoped that this year he will be able to make films of different genres.

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