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Alycia Chan loses 10 pounds for the film
Anita Chui feels embarrassed during her bed scene with Alan Luk
Angie Shum postpones her surgery to promote the film
Sisters Lisa and Jacquelin Chong
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Alycia Chan
Anita Chui
Lisa Chong, Anita Chui, Alycia Chan, Angie Shum, Jacquelin Chong
William Hu, Jacqueling Chong and Bob Lam
Angie Shum crushes her foot when she moves a heater at home
Jacquelin Chong does not make being the human chocolate bar
Patrick Kong (right) arranges for Jacquelin Chong (lef) and Chen Jiajia to rehearse
Anita Chui
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The Jacquelin Chong Si Man, Anita Chui Bik Ka, Alycia Chan Yuen Hung and Angie Shum Yat Ka starred, Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) produced new film THE PROMOTION GIRL (PG LUEN OI JI YUEN) is about the lives and love of promotion girls. Two nights ago they attended the film's wrap banquet. Anita denied that she and her co-stars were trying to out sexy each other. "Our uniforms in the film were pretty low cut. We are on even par, we just want to dress prettier for the premiere." Playing a promotion girl she revealed that she often drank with clients in the film, but in real life she rarely drank due to health concerns. Would Anita have any sexy performance in the film? She revealed that she would be half naked in a bed scene with Alan Luk Chun Kwong. She also said that after clearing the set she still felt embarrassed. "Because I was half naked the set had to be cleared. I was very embarrassed and nervous, but after clearing the set many people were still around."

Alycia revealed that earlier she lost ten pounds for the film. "I have had this dress for a long time, I lost weight for the movie so I can fit in it. I am wearing it while I can!" She also revealed that in the film she will appear in a bikini. Speaking of her being less sexy than her co-stars, Alycia said that she would not deliberately sell being sexy. "When the character requires me to be sexy then I would, I wouldn't deliberately show off!"

Angie revealed that in the film she and Chiu King Ho had a sexy bed scene in the film. She was only covered in a blanket. "The director kept telling me to pull it lower. At the time Chiu King Ho was lying next to me, my heart was beating very fast. I gave him first bed scene and first kiss scene, but during the kiss scene I couldn't hold back my laughter." Angie said that in order to promote the film she postponed her operation to remove a tumor. For now she would take medication to control her condition.

Earlier Chong Si Man worked on a Causeway Bay street shoot and had to become a "human chocolate bar" and rehearse with Chen Jiajia. The funniest part most people did not recognize Chong Si Man at first. Later someone guessed it was her and a discussion ensued. Chong Si Man continued to work on the shoot without any awkwardness.

Having worked several hours already, Chong Si Man was tired but still boasted about how cute she looked. "I have never worn a character suit before, actually it's pretty tough. From now on I would respect this type of workers more! (Was it awkward?) No! I expected that no one would recognize me. Later make up I even went to an appliance store and a clothing store. Today is a holiday and many Filipino and Indonesian maids are around, they kept trying to get me to talk, maybe they thought I was a compatriot!" This time her character had more tragic experience. Si Man said that she left the pretty girl look for the other actresses. She was not afraid of losing the spotlight. "I have worked with Yip Lim Sum many times, I thank him for arranging a character that is full of breakthrough for me."

Anita had a revenge scene with a player Alan Luk Chun Kwong. She chased him down the street. They would even have an intimate scene. "Although I had sexy scenes earlier, this will be the first bed scene so I am very nervous. I will have to ask Luk Chun Kwong for advice." Luk Chun Kwong said, "I am afraid of making these scenes too! Lately I got fat from eating so I have to get back into shpae, but everyone will be staring at Anita anyway! They won't look at me." Earlier Anita stopped working due to illness for several months. Now she has returned to form.

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