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Emperor Motion Picture OPERATION RED SEA continued its momentum as its Hong Kong box office approached HK$ 10 million. Director Dante Lam Chiu Yin yesterday attended an audience appreciation event in Mongkok. Speaking of the Mainland box office of 3.63 billion yuan RMB, Director Lam said, "In the Mainland it will at last run until the 15th. Earlier Hollywood films knocked it down and the scheduling also reduced, but we climbed back up again. Everyday it makes 5 or 6 million (RMB), I personally hope it would make over 3.65 billion at the end."

Earlier Lam Chiu Yin visited Malaysia to scout location his new Emperor film GUNG GUP GAU WOON (EMERGENCY RESCUE). "I just got back from scouting location in Malaysia. Later I will go to Belgium, Malta, and Mexico, then to the U.S. because my daughter is graduating."

"Mexico has built a giant studio by the sea, Belgium has a 36 meters deep artificial sea. Actors before had to accept swimming training. Lead actor (Eddie) Peng Yu-Yan was gagging from just hearing about it. His pecs are so great, his lungs should have some capacity. At least he could go several minutes without breathing."

Director Lam admitted that because setting construction and actor training required time, the production start had to be postponed from August to the end of the year. Aside from Peng Yu-Yan, other characters have not been set but romantic scenes would be added. However because the shoot would take at least 5 months, he would not eliminate that many new faces would be used like for RED. Lam Chiu Yin said, "The production cost would be around 500 million. This crew would be American professionals. (Peter Pau) Bau Tak Fun would just the team, so the production cost would definitely be expensive."

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