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Anthony Wong's comment, "Will there be any Hong Kong film next year?" was misread as aiming at Jackie Chan.
Jackie Chan once said, "There is no Hong Kong film, only Chinese film."
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Anthony Wong Chau Sun earlier was a guest presenter at the Hong Kong Film Award. On stage he mentioned, "Next year would there be any Hong Kong film?" His original intention was to cheer for Hong Kong film as Hong Kong film would still exist, but he was misunderstood. Jackie Chan once said, "There is no Hong Kong film, only Chinese film." Jackie Chan was present that night and thus some felt that Chau Sun's comment was aimed at Jackie Chan.

Two nights ago Chau Sun made a clarification on facebook. Because his comment was twisted around, as it spread some comments that he did not say were added in. He thus apologized to Jackie Chan. "Although I am not well versed, I wouldn't at a joyous yet serious event insult an elder......the script was already set a week before, I had no idea who would attend. Although I didn't kill Boren, Boren died because me. Here I need to apologize to Big Brother Jackie Chan......"

Many commented on Chau Sun's fb. Some disagreed with his apology. Chau Sun replied, "I disagree that being impolite is civilized!" Some asked if he was forced to apologized. Chau Sun also replied, "I think too much, I was well fed when I wrote it." His mixed use of simplified with traditional characters was also questioned. He responded, "My simplified is better than traditional."

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