Tuesday, April 10, 2018


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The 37th Hong Kong Film Awards will take place Sunday. Nominated for Best Actress with TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY (WONG GUM FA), Teresa Mo Shun Kwan and double nominee for Best Actor and Best New Actor Ling Man Lung earlier appeared on a Fantastic TV program interview and talked about their on screen mother and son relationship and their confidence in winning an award.

Ling Man Lung had 10 years of stage experience but this was his film debut. Sister Mo caught him in a play once and thus recommended him to director Chan Tai Li. The film was about the difficulty of a middle aged woman had with caring for an autistic son and facing a marital crisis. The mother and son relationship performance required a lot of chemistry. Sister Mo said that they would rehearse before the shoot so everyone would be more in character. Because it was his first film, Siu Lung had to adjust to the sense of space that was different from the stage and the camera angles. He also thanked Sister Mo for her care and guidance during the shoot.

Sister Mo's outstanding acting was beyond any doubt, thus she was the favorite for Best Actress. Sister Mo said that the film brought attention to autism and more information, which already made her very happy. As for the award, she of course greedily hoped to win another one as a bonus. Siu Lung hoped that Sister Mo and the director would win. He said that he was already very pleased to have two nominations for his first film and the was thankful for the recognition.

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