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Sean Lau says that seeing Anita Yuen again brings back all the memories
Anita Yuen plays a corrupted customs chief, in a tug of war with ICAC agent Sean Lau
Alan Mak
Carlos Chan is happy about getting to work with his idol Sean Lauc
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Best Actress Anita Yuen Wing Yi and Best Actor Sean Lau Ching Wan after 23 years finally reunite for a film! Yesterday at a Central restaurant, the Alan Mak Siu Fai directed Emperor Motion Picture INTEGRITY (LIM JING FUNG WON YIN MOK) started production. They went from their past "couple" relationship to horn locking enemies, as the ICAC agent Ching Wan and the corrupted customs chief Len Len "negotiated". The most "eye catching" had to be Director Mak's revelation of his "relationship" with Len Len. "I am her cousin, we grew up together!"

Actually Director Mak's mother is a cousin of Len Len's father, but Len Len and Director Mak worked together for the first time. Although this time was as a guest star, Len Len admitted, "Most of my past movies I play the good guy, this time I get to work. So after reading the script I decided to take it." Len Len and Ching Wan lost connection after THE GOLDEN GIRLS (SHAN SHUI YAU SEUNG FUNG) in 1995. This "reunion" made Ching Wan sentimentally say, "Seeing her, a lot of film production memories come back." Len Len said, "Ching Wan hasn't changed much, he talks just a little as usual but he is more and more masculine!"

Carlos Chan Ka Lok played Ching Wan's subordinate. To be able to come in close contact with his idol, Ka Lok admitted, "He is very in character, aside from greetings I don't dare to talk to him. However sitting here watching his act is already very exciting."

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