Thursday, April 26, 2018


Six different eras' Ng Chun Yu appear
Francis Ng has to arrive on the set early for make up
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SHED SKIN PAPA (TUEN PEI BA BA) will open on May 10th in Hong Kong.

Best Actor Louis Koo Tin Lok played the lead. Golden Horse Best Actor Francis Ng Chun Yun played his father. This character went from age 79 to 19. Crossing six eras relied not only on Ng Chun Yu's superb acting but also special effect make up. As everyone knows Ng Chun Yu is a very serious actor and would make a lot of preparation for the character. In order to play the elderly father, when the production began at 10AM Ng Chun Yu would arrive at 5AM for special effect make up -- including a skull cap and fake skins glued to his face. With the make up artists' masterful skills, wrinkles and sagging skin effects were added to bring this elderly papa to life.

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