Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Philip Keung and Deanie Ip hope to keep winning awards
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Deanie Ip says that she is interested in comedy but no one has asked her to make one
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Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress Deanie Ip Tak Han at the celebration banquet said that after ths celebration meal she would go home and sleep, because in the morning she had an appointment with a Qi Gong instructor from the U.S. Would she plan to celebration with a vacation? She said that she just went to Canada to see the Northern Light and even took photos. Speaking of her lacking production rate but high award efficiency, Ip Tak Han said, "I never calculated, but when I take a role I have to have a suitable and convincing script. It is a little solemn, I won't choose sci fi, ghost films, comedy cannot be farce."

Ip Tak Han admitted that she wanted to be in a movie that reflected women's issues, for example in poor places in Southeast Asia and Africa many women's issues still exist. Earlier she saw a documentary and commented that she wished she was as smart and capable like Bill Gates to be able to help these poor women. She wanted to bring more attention to them. Would she ask Andy Lau Tak Wa to invest in this subject? She said that she and Wa Jai never thought about that.

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