Thursday, April 12, 2018


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The Hong Kong Film Awards this year added a "Walk with Hong Kong Film Awards" alliance project. The "HKFA Caring" ambassador artist Louis Koo Tin Lok, the Hong Kong Film Awards president Derek Yee Tung Sing and many artists made promotional short films for the Hong Kong Alliance for Rare Diseases. The meaning of "HKFA Caring" is for the Hong Kong Film Award and community organization to walk shoulder to shoulder, the idea is to turn the community love and care in the film into actual action. The Hong Kong Film Award Association would assist with alliance promotions for the community to be more educated about "rare diseases" and hope that everyone would listen to their wishes for rare disease patients and their family to face tomorrow with positivity.

At the 37th Hong Kong Film Award Sunday, Goo Jai, the Hong Kong Film Award president Yee Tung Sing, Hong Kong Alliance for Rare Diseases president Tsang Kin Ping would walked the red carpet with many friends with rare diseases and their families and attend the ceremony for rare disease patients to personally experience the Hong Kong Film Award's live atmosphere.

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