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Philip Keung has a way with his baby co-star
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Upon arriving in Thailand Philip Keung meets with director Mark Wu, Ronald Cheng and Tin Kai Man about the film IN TURMOIL
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This year's latest Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor Philip Keung Ho Man has been very appreciative of the industry and the audience's support. After his victory he has been working even harder. After taking only a day off to celebrate with his friends of Lung Mei, Tai Po, he immediately began work on his new film

The new film IN TURMOIL (GAU SHOOK) was Hak Jai's reunion with Ronald Cheng Chung Kei after CONCERTO OF THE BULLY (DAI LOK SI). At the Hong Kong Film Award, Ronald was the Best Supporting Actor guest presenter. The video of Ronald announcing Hak Jai's award still spread like mad online. They truly had quite a connection.

Hak Jai after reaching in Thailand immediately met with director Mark Wu Yiu Fai to discuss the character, emotions. He did not spare any effort on the preparation and was very professional. Hak Jai had scenes with the cute baby in the film. Before the shoot he kept holding the baby to cultivate a relationship and the baby nicely stared at Hak Jai. After work Hak Jai took advantage of his time and went to the night market for food. "Thai fish egg rice noodle is great! After that I returned to the hotel to rest right away. Work started the next morning." Hak Jai at the night market ran into many Hong Kong vermicelli (fans) asking for photos. He said that he definitely would keep working hard on his performance to thank viewers for their support.

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