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Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Crisel Consunji, Cecilia Yip Tung, Sam Lee Chan Sam, Wong Ting HIm, director Oliver Chan Siu Kuen and producer Fruit Chan Gor two nights ago attended their film STILL HUMAN (LUEN LOK YUN)'s charity premiere. Chau Sun was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor with this film, did he know what he would wear? He said, "I made preparations. If I attend I have to dress up, it's not like I am making category III films. It's not THREE HUSBANDS (SAM FU). (Did you already decide to attend?) The chance is pretty high. Earlier I thought about it, but friends told me not to be so immature. However I was afraid of getting into trouble. Instead of watching what I say, I might as well not go. If I don't go then I don't have to talk. Since I have everyone's respect and love, as well as popularity with the audience, I would go." Was the Best Actor Award as good as in his pocket? Chau Sun humbly said, "I have pressure too, but it doesn't come from the award. The award isn't guaranteed to be mine. Everyone has a chance. Chun Yu and Fat Gor have great chances too. In addition I don't know what the voters' direction is now." Has STILL brought him more job opportunities? Chau Sun admitted that it has not.

Lee Chan Sam with STILL HUMAN was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor. As for his confidence, he said that he felt normal and praised his competition. "Everyone is pretty good, I have seen all of the competition's movies. Wong Tak Bun and Yuen Fu Wa gave me an impression that was very different from before. Poon Chan Leung came from the stage, pretty humorous. Each is special in his own way. No more needs to be said about Uncle Chi. I am half confident, I would try to get into it like going to a party to see my friends."

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