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The film about China women's national volleyball team two days ago held a launch ceremony at the China women's national volleyball training center in Zhangzhou, Fujian. Aside from director Peter Chan Ho Sun, China women's national volleyball team head coach Lang Ping, former China women's national volleyball team head coach Chen Zhonghe, other guests included the national sports, film and art ministry officials, athletes Zhang Changning and Liu Xiaotong attended as well. Director Chan said that China women's volleyball may not guarantee victory but it has to take risk. From coaches Yuan Weimin to Chen Zhonghe and Lang Ping they all took risks. He hoped that this film would show the audience the women's volleyball risk taking spirit that he understands.

At the event, Director Chan Ho Sun spoke about watching his first China women's volleyball match at the 1978 Asia Games in Bangkok. He was 16 at the time, it was also Lang Ping's first overseas competition. When Team China appeared the hot blooded atmosphere was still memorable to him today. He never would have imagined that now he would be able to personally adapt the China women's volleyball story to the silver screen. The release would be in 2020 when the Tokyo Olympic Games would take place. He hoped through the film to cheer on the China women's volleyball team in preparation for the Tokyo Games.

Director Chan Ho Sun even presented an autographed copy of the first film poster to the China women's national volleyball team. On the poster was a close up shot of a well worn white volleyball to remind people of the China women's volleyball team's tough training. The team also presented him with an autographed volleyball in return.

The launch ceremony took place in Zhangzhou because the venue was the earliest training base for women's volleyball and once nurtured the glorious history of "five straight championships" for China women's volleyball. It was also the "hometown" that Lang Ping talked about, the place that symbolized women's volleyball "origin". This time was also the 46th time the women's national team returned to Zhangzhou for a closed door training in preparation for the upcoming world volleyball championship, women's volleyball World Cup and 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games preliminary matches.

China women's volleyball has had a long history and held a special place in the hearts of Chinese people. Chan Ho Sun dared to make such a subject and schedule the film for a Spring Festival release, the pressure he faced was beyond description. Chan Ho Sun admitted that the film would cover 40 years, concentrating several generations of Chinese people's hot blooded memories of women's volleyball into two hours was not easy at all. "Like China women's volleyball, although victory isn't certain we risked everything. From Yuan Weimin to Chen Zhonghe to Coach Lang Ping, they all took risks. The burden Coach Lang Ping would face at the Olympics next year would be greater than mine. I hope this film would show the audience the women's volleyball spirit that I understand."

Because women's volleyball athletes must have professional skills and height, casting was an important part and baffled Chan Ho Sun. When asked if he would use professional athletes, he said that suggestion was being considered. Everyone was the most concerned with who would play the two legendary coaches Lang Ping and Chen Zhonghe. Both coaches would respect the director's decision. Coach Chen Zhonghe humorously said, "Of course a little more handsome would be even better."

What would Long Ping liked to see in the film? He said that no one would know the result of the hard work everyday, but they were all chasing their dreams. He believed that Director Chan Ho Sun would be able to grasp this subject. Chen Zhonghe and Coach also hoped through the film to spread the women's volleyball spirit and affected young people in particular.

As early as two years ago Director Chan Ho Sun has already been preparing for the film. Aside from inviting gold label screenwriter Zhang Ji to write the script but also watching women's volleyball matches around the world with the team for research. On this trip to Zhangzhou, he not only participated in the launch ceremony but also watched the China women's volleyball team in a closed door training and personally experienced the intense and fiery atmosphere live. Director Chan Ho Sun, China women's national volleyball head coach Lang Ping, former China women's national volleyball head coach Chen Zhonghe attended the launch ceremony. The film will officially open on Lunar New Year's Day 2020.

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