Friday, April 19, 2019


Shum Wai tortures Joey Wong in A HEARTY RESPONSE
Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor for LONG ARM OF THE LAW
Shum Wai had scenes with Chow Yun Fat in A HEARTY RESPONSE
Shum Wai opens his eye when he hears his daughter on the phone
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The 68 year old veteran actor Shum Wai excelled in playing villain roles. With the film LONG ARM OF THE LAW (SAN GONG KEI BING) he won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor. Yesterday Shum Wai was rumored to be critically ill at a Beijing hospital from pneumonia and respiratory system failure, which led to organ capability damage. He was once in a coma and in the intensive care unit. His friend revealed to the media that a friend covered Shum Wai's hospital cost but still needed HK$ 60,000 for surgery. The friend said that Shum Wai's daughter came to visit but she too was not in good financial condition. She was unable to pay the amount and hoped to find friends to help. The Performing Artist Guild's secretary general Candy Yu On On said that if Shum Wai's family and friends have any need, the Guild certainly would help.

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