Tuesday, April 16, 2019


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The Chief Executive yesterday announced new Mainland policy that would loosen restrictions on Hong Kong films, hinting that Hong Kong filmmakers would have even more creative space and freedom. Aaron Kwok Fu Sing praised the move for being able to provide Hong Kong films with more opportunities to be enjoyed in the Mainland. It would also help the Hong Kong film industry even more. "I wish Hong Kong film colleagues will remain united and work hard, not only to enable Hong Kong films to be seen in the Mainland but in the entire world!"

Recently working in the Mainland, Pierre Ngo Ka Nin felt that the policy would not be better. Because in the past Hong Kong film actors and crew members did not have many choices when working in the Mainland. Aside from feature characters, they could not participate in third or fourth tier characters. Finding opportunity in the Mainland was difficult unless the identity card was turned into a Mainland one. Thus he was very happy to hear this news. As for the ability to participate in Mainland film awards like the Golden Rooster Hundred Flower Awards, Ka Nin said that this was an encouragement for Hong Kong filmmakers. Because for now only film restriction policy would be changes, Ka Nin hoped that in the future Central would loosen television series policy as well so more Hong Kong actors and behind the scene workers would benefit.

Actor Ron Ng Cheuk Hei revealed that this move would be good for all actors. Cheuk Hei said, "When a film or a television series no longer is limited to 5 people, many Hong Kong actors would have opportunities. Thus to both film and television it will be beneficial."

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