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Susan Shaw denied covering Shum Wai's medical bills and stressed that it was a show business effort
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Susan Shaw Yam Yam two nights ago attended a charity event. Speaking of veteran actor Shum Wai, Shaw Yam Yam admitted that his condition was less than optimistic. After three days at the hospital the doctor already suggested pulling the plug because Shum Wai already had no expression, no movement, only his brain was not dead yet as the respirator kept him alive. Shaw Yam Yam said that in the past few days show business people have been working hard on finding Shum Wai's relatives and finally was able to reach Shum Wai's daughter in Singapore. She said, "A director knew she was in Singapore. Originally we told her that she would only need to sign to authorize Shum Wai's manager to take him off the machine, if not the daily treatment cost would be over 10,000 RMB. However his daughter waned to personally send her father on his final journey, his mother was also a end stage cancer patient. She was unable to accept both parents' passing at the moment. Finally her mama permitted her to go to Beijing to see her father off."

Sister Yam Yam said that during the visit with Shum Wai's daughter Shum Wai was alert for a short time, able to open his eyes and cry. He also thanked those who helped him with gesture. His daughter asked him whether he would want to be saved in an emergency. Shum Wai nodded at the time so he was not taken off the respirator. As for medical cost, Sister Yam Yam revealed that many show business friends have offered donations. All the hospital bills have been paid. The Performing Artist Guild also sent representatives to Beijing to get an understanding of the situation, and the stuntman association would also fully assist. The doctors currently kept Shum Wai alive with the respirator and drugs. Sister Yam Yam also praised Shum Wai's daughter. "She isn't an industry insider. She has not seen her father in several decades and her mother was in danger. Under such conditions she was still willing to visit her father. I was very moved. I could only comfort her that life was unexpected."

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