Thursday, April 25, 2019


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Recently the Hong Kong Stuntman Association and Beijing Jizhi Yingxiang Entertainment Co. Ltd. produced a documentary about stuntmen, which released its first poster. It revolved around "Never Say No", which was the motto of stunt people's life risking performance in fights, building jumps, car chases, fire and other thrilling stuns. Andy Lau Tak Wa personally wrote the calligraphy for the title. Director Wei Junzi admitted, "Hong Kong action films were the most memorable screen silver memories when I was growing up. Now I am already 40, I would always think of those most legendary action filmmakers and what kind of lives would they have? In addition very few people have mentioned the blood and tears of stunt people, so I decided to make this documentary." Finally he spent two years, interviewed and shot almost 100 stunt elders and newcomers for a complete overview of stun people and uncover the silver screen journey of the "heroes". Wei Junzi revealed that this was the first documentary to completely uncover the 70 years of changes for Hong Kong stunt people. "Whether it was in the past or now, the contribution and the spirit of stunt people were worthy of being continued and chronicled." The film will open this year in the Mainland.

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