Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Jeana Ho keeps eating to gain weight
courtesy of on.cc

Justin Cheung Kin Sing tried his hand behind the scenes. Recently he invited Linah Matsuoka and Jeana Ho Pui Yu to help with the new film he produced. They even had to make sacrifices for art! Matsuoka had a sexy performance in one scene. In it Cheung Kin Sing fantasized about Matsuoka in a sexy feather lingerie and modeled in front of him.

The temperature on the day of the shoot was only in the teens, but Matsuoka had to brave the cold in lingerie only. The shoot even went on for six hours, people would get goosebumps just thinking about it. Cheung Kin Sing said, "She was very outstanding in this scene. Everyone was breathless and wanted the shoot to keep going! Because she was a model, she was very confident in the role. She was in full control of that very hard to wear feather lingerie. That day was very cold too and the shoot took so long, with a little less endurance finishing it would be difficult!"

Playing Cheung Kin Sing's wife Jeana also had a challenge. To bring the "fat housewife" to life she gained 15 pounds, she swallowed six boxes of white rice daily and had indigestion. At night she was so full that she could not sleep! However she said that as long as the result was ideal she would be willing to do anything, as she completely abandoned her pretty girl baggage!

The film DECEPTION OF THE NOVELIST earlier already held four test screenings and had decent word of mouth. Many praised how well Matsuoka and Jeana performed. Cheung Kin Sing as the producer and the actor also was spot on.

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