Saturday, April 27, 2019


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Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Adam Pak Tin Nam yesterday attended a watch event. Yesterday was also Pak Tin Nam's 37th birthday. He said that this was his first birthday at work in his career. Today he would make time to celebrate with fans. As for birthday wish, he said that he wanted to work more and would like to learn more from elder Chau Sau Na. Pak Tin Nam said that he and Sister Na have worked together on a movie, but that time they did not have too many scenes together. He would like to be able to make a romance with her. Would he get shy on a romance? He said that when he would be in character he probably would not, but he might from seeing Sister Na before the shoot.

Chau Sau Na has been single for awhile, but believed that a romance would be just as easy to get into. Mainly she would be very happy as she would feel like love nourished her. Since she has not dated for so long, she could only be romantic on the set. Sister Na admitted that she had suitors but being with them required time. Perhaps she also has gotten used to living alone. If she had to adjust to a person anew sometimes she would rather choose to be friends. When she would have dinner with friends they would occasionally introduce her to people, which instead would feel very awkward.

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