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Big kid AK gets along well with the film's child actor

Shirley Sham 
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AK says that people have underestimated his friendship with Frankie with his "flower on the shoulder" comment
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AK says a few words would not affect his relationship with fellow MIRROR member Frankie

Shirley Sham, AK and the two child actors play a game like a family of four

Keung To's new music video WAVE has been accused of plagiarizing Jimin's music video SET ME FREE PT. 2 

Keung To has fallen into yet another plagiarism scandal, online criticism accuses him of habitual offender

BACK HOME's cast toasts to box office success
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MIRROR member Anson Kong Yip Sang starred horror film BACK HOME (CHUT YUET FAN GUI) two nights ago held its official premiere at apm. Stars Tai Bo, Helen Tam Yuk Ying and Shirley Sham Yan Yee all appeared on the stage, several hundred fans were also on hand to cheer for AK. Admitting to being afraid of ghosts, AK revealed that during the shoot they rented an industrial building to construct the housing estate set. The set constantly had people coming and going, and was stuffy and hot. He could not think about anything else already. He was not afraid even when going to the bathroom because outside were filled with people. He was left not knowing how to be scared. He even dared to say that in the future he could follow up with another and another, just no ghost hunting shows. On the other hand while shooting a trapped in the elevator scene he could not even see his own fingers. At the time he was a little frightened.

During the shoot has anything strange happened? He said, "No, instead earlier when we went to Korea for training, in the room I saw a blur of a group mat sitting at the foot of my bed and drinking water. The next day I asked him, but he actually said that never happened." As for box office performance and audience appreciation problems, AK admitted that, "If time would permit, I would like to attend more audience appreciation events and get an understanding of the audience's feeling. I have box office pressure, the pressure comes from everyone's comparison."

In response to MIRROR's award show absence, AK said that the media should not ask Frankie but members with "flowers on their shoulders". Some online felt that he was belittling him. AK said, "They really don't know how deep my friendship with Frankie is, you want to affect us with a few words? It's impossible!" November would be MIRROR's 5th anniversary, he said about anniversary activities. "We would give pleasant surprises to our fans. (The rumor is you would hold activities at a theme park?) I don't know yet, let me crack a peanut. Everyone ask captain Lokman." He has been said to resemble a family of four with co-star Sham Yan Yee and the two child stars. AK said that they have known each other for a very long time. In the film he would try to break up mother and son.

Once linked in rumors with AK, Sham Yan Yee revealed that they would have scenes together in the film but they would not play a couple. Would she accept playing a couple? Sham Yan Yee said, "It doesn't matter, it depends on the company's arrangement. More opportunities to perform is still good." This time she would play a very alternative, heart chilling mother. She said, "I love him so much I can just eat him up! (Would you be like this as a Mommy?) I don't know yet, but I probably wouldn't be so possessive."

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