Friday, September 1, 2023


Although it was just one scene, it had enormous meaning to Jennifer Yu
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Jennifer Yu Heung Ying and Fish Liew Chi Yu reunited on the film LONELY EIGHTEEN (NGOR MOON DIK SUP BAK SHUI). Guest starring in one scene for the film, Jennifer revealed that the day of the shoo was very memorable because it was her first return to film since giving birth to her daughter Clare. The process even brought back many memories from her film movie. "SISTERHOOD (GWUT MUI) was my first film in the business, which was directed by LONELY's director. Working together again had a very familiar feeling. Although it was just an one scene cameo, during the shoot I had very low confidence in myself. After just giving birth, on my first return to the set I was questioning myself. Would the camera be very strange after not making a movie in so long? How would my acting be, or whether my appearance has already returned its best? I had a lot of anxiety, but when I faced the director all the anxiety disappeared." Playing a manager, Fish said that she really sympathized with the protagonist that brought out memories of her start in the business for her.

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