Saturday, September 2, 2023


The Josie Ho produced and starred ONPAKU made HK$ 35,000

The Carlos Chan starred ECHOES OF THE THUNDER only made HK$ 16,000
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In the past when typhoons struck Hong Kong, going to the movies was the past entertainment. However this time with the Super Typhoon Saola, the tropical cyclone signal number 9 was raised and affected the cinemas. Around 6PM all cinemas had to close and many films' box office was affected. Among them ONPAKU made HK$ 35,000, and ECHOES OF THE THUNDER (CHOOK JIN) made HK$ 16,000 in brutal performance. Josie Ho Chiu Yi has been promoting hard for ONPAKU. Originally scheduled to visit cinemas for audience appreciation two days ago, after communicating with the cinemas the shows were postponed out of an abundance of caution. She said that she felt disappointed and sorry, but reminded everyone to stay home.

At the box office two days ago, THE EQUALIZER 3 still led with HK$ 360,000; OPPENHEIMER made HK$ 260,000 in second place; the Julian Cheung Chi Lam and Louis Koo Tin Lok starred DEATH NOTICE (UM SAT FUNG BO) made HK$ 130,000 in third.

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