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Anson Lo appears on the program with co-stars Chu Pak Hong and Summer Chan
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Vincent Kok on the program keeps on asking Anson Lo questions and neglect other guests Chu Pak Hong, Summer Chan, director Sham Ka Yin and Lam Yiu Sing.  Many online leave comments of their displeasure.
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The Vincent Kok Tak Chiu's ViuTV program THE POPCORN SHOW on September 2nd had the film IT REMAINS (YEUNG WON)'s actors MIRROR member Anson Lo Hon Ting, Tommy Chu Pak Hong, Lam Yiu Sing, Summer Chan Chi Huen and director Sham Ka Yin as his guests. On the program Kok Tak Chu kept asking Anson Lo questions and neglected other guests. When the program ended he even said, "The Anson Lo interview has come to an end, thank you everyone for watching." Some online aired their displeasure, saying that the film promotion became Anson Lo's personal interview. Other guests said less than a few sentences, sat throughout the program and became the background. They were embarrassed for them and kept commenting to express their displeasure.

Kok Tak Chiu responded on his social media platform and admitted that the program after editing obviously neglected several guests, especially Chan Chi Huen and Lam Yiu Sing. He was very sorry, but due to limited time he hoped in the future he would have the opportunity to make it up to them. He also added the content of their interviews in writing in the post.

ViuTV yesterday released an extended version online. Kok Tak Chiu asked them about their past fears. Lam Yiu Sing was afraid of flying cockroaches. Summer was afraid of moths and cardboard, because when she was little she fell and got a cut on her face from cardboard. Chu Pak Hong joked that he was afraid of being broke. Anson Lo was the most afraid of fish head, because when he was little he had over 10 gold fishes. When the family came back from vacation, all of them were dead and only left with their heads. He still has the trauma today and has yet to overcome it.

Anson Lo also performed "being possessed" and said that he had to stretch out his neck first to prevent pulling anything. The entire audience followed along. He also mentioned the pain of having more and more pressure after getting into the business, because when he first got into the business all the comments about his appearane, acting, etc, but in recent years many have become personal attacks. Even family and pets were affected. Although he could choose to filter them, feeling bad has been inevitable.

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