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Carlos Chan is much thinner due to stomach infection

Bosco Wong has a lot of interest in smoking cuttlefish

Carlos Chan, Kenny Wong and Bosco remembers shivering from shooting in the cold
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Kenny Wong, Carlos Chan, Bosco Wong and German Cheung attend the BROTHERHOOD OF REBEL late show promotion
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The Ng Kin Hung produced, Ng Ka Wai directed, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Kenny Wong Tak Bun, Niki Chow Lai Kei, Michelle Wai Sze Nga starred film BROTHERHOOD OF REBEL (JAT JIK 2) would be a Hong Kong film that has been missing for a long time, focusing on brotherhood and authentic local flavor. In coordination with the film subject and in response to the government's most recent push for night economy, North Point's Sunbeam Theater did its part to revitalize the night business held a special late show of BROTHERHOOD OF REBEL. Several retro snacks like sugarcane, smoked cuttlefish, steamed corn, salted baked quail eggs were available. Wong Chung Chak even personally smoked the cuttlefish and relive the cheer from the late show peak in the past with the audience, as all the collective memories returned.

Wong Chung Chak, Chan Ka Lok and Wong Tak Bun two nights ago attended the film BROTHERHOOD OF REBEL's late show. Playing the mob boss in the film, Tak Bun said that he did not just order subordinates to fight. He too got into the water and had a very tough shoot, because it took place in the chill of December. During the shoot he had hot water poured on him to keep warm.

As for Bosco and Ka Lok on the first day of work they already had to fight a big group of people on the rocky beach. Bosco said that the director had more and more fun as the shoot went on, wanting them to fight in the water and made them all soaking wet. They shot from the 6 AM notice to the afternoon. He thought that the sun would come out in the afternoon and warm him up, but he did not expect to get sunburn.

None of the three has seen the new film yet, but Bosco's friends felt that it probably would capture the YOUNG AND DANGEROUS film flavors and emotions. He also planned to go to the movies for audience appreciation events, and would even book shows with Ka Lok then invite "Big Brother" Tak Bun to watch. Ka Lok said that the first film was over ten years ago, William Chan Wai Ting at the time has yet to work in the mainland. At the end of the first film Ka Lok went to "chop" Chan Wai Ting to move up. This time he finally truly has been promoted; as for TRIAD 3 actually it was completed at the same time, but the trio only revealed that it would be with the original team but in an all new story.

Bosco revealed that he would have to perform in the mainland. In November he would return to Hong Kong to shoot FORENSIC HEROES IV and form the iron triangle of case solving with Jacky Cai Jie and Benjamin Yuen Wai Ho. Ka Lok appeared to be obviously thinner. He pointed out that in January next year he would have to participate in a film, and the director asked him to be very thin to match the character. Thus now he has been dieting and exercising to lose weight, in less than two weeks he has already lost almost 10 pounds. He never imagined that he would be so thin so fast. Has his wife Shiga Lin been a weight loss obstacle? Ka Lok joked, "I have many meals in a day, one of which she cooks for me. I got thinner perhaps due to a stomach intestinal infection earlier." Would the illness be related to his wife? Ka Lok rushed to clarify, "Definitely not her fault, it has to be a problem with the take out! Mrs. Chan's cooking is the most delicious!"

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