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Lin Minchen's work schedule is jam packed
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Mabel Cheung and Lin Minchen attend an Asian Film Awards Academy event.  The former shares her experience as a director on the stage but declines any interview
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Director Mabel Cheung Yuen Ting, Lin Minchen, Wilfred Wong Ying Wai yesterday attended the Asian Film Awards Academy organized "International Film Creativity Camp" press conference and announced that the project would mainly cultivate a new generation of Asian filmmakers. As the creativity camp instructor, Cheung Yuen Ting suggested for young people who were interested in joining the film industry to daringly walk out of their comfort zone, meet people of different classes to get an understanding of other people's ideas in order to be able to make a movie with an exciting story. She also urged filmmakers not to be proud even after becoming famous, because no one could be on top forever. Even when at a depression they should not be discouraged. They had to have confidence in themselves that in the end they would be able to leave the bottom.

Asian Film Awards Academy youth ambassador Lin Minchen said that she too wanted to participate in the creativity camp, because she was interested in film creation as well. If she was to make a short film, the story would be the changes from when she came from Malaysia to work in Hong Kong. Lin Minchen said that she was still a film industry new comer, earlier she was fortunate enough to work with many new directors. She hoped that in the future she would have the chance to work with different elder generation directors. She felt that every director's style and method are different, which would give her even more opportunity to learn. Just finished a movie production, Lin Minchen revealed that in November she would work on a Hong Kong film that would shoot in Hong Kong and Malaysia. On the rare chance to work at home, Lin Minchen has already informed her family in Malaysia right away. "Because the shoot would take place in Kuala Lumpur but my family lives in Johor Bahru, I have to notify them to come and find me then. For now I know the shoot would be in Kuala Lumpur for 15 days, so I am a little worried that it would be very rushed. I believed I definitely wouldn't get enough sleep then."

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