Thursday, September 28, 2023


Christy Wo and Bowie Cheung plan to release a jewelry brand
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Bowie Lam, Christy Wo and Paulyn Sun
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Christy Wo's second watch store opening invited a group of friends Bowie Cheung Po Yee, Paulyn Sun Kai Kwan, Celina Harto, Janees Wong Lok Yin, Mable Man Bo to attend.

Sun Kai Kwan recently has been preparing to invest in a movie based on her personal experience about maternal love. She is looking for a screenwriter and a director and hoped to start production next year. She pointed out that during the pandemic she went to the U.S. and took a screenwriting course for a year. This time the film script was already in her mind, she was only afraid that she did not have enough skills and thus ask for screenwriters to help. As both the boss and the actor, would she make the jump behind the scenes? Sun Kai Kwan said that she still liked to be on screen. This time making her own experience would only be to fulfill her dream. If all would go well, she would consider opening an office because investing in movies was another one of her dreams. Sun Kai Kwan revealed that she would be the lead in the new film. For her two teenage sons she would like to look for new comers. As for her husband, she joked that she wanted to choose someone handsome but still only a suitable character would be convincing.

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