Thursday, September 21, 2023


Keung To and Vivian Sung's new film has been selected for an international film festival
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The popular MIRROR member Keung To and Taiwan star Vivian Sung starred film MY HEAVENLY CITY would open in Hong Kong next month. The film earlier opened in Taiwan and became the new film box office champion. The film company yesterday also released the poster of the five characters in the film. They even personally wrote about their character. Keung To played a top student who loved to dance. He wrote for his character, "When I dance, the world is in my hands." In addition, the film was invited to participate in the 43rd Hawaii International Film Festival. Director Yu Sen-I excited said, This was the first international film festival that selected the film. Hawaii is a place where cultures mix, which is very suitable for this film. We would hold the state of mind of overseas wanderer as we go international, may this Taiwan story touch the heart of the world."

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