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The "resignation" rumor has not affected Keung To 
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Alton Wong
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Keung To in an oversize blue coat

A tired looking Anson Lo admits that he just got up

Stanley Yau and Edan Lui arrive one after another

Jer Lau and Jeremy Lee are excited that they are finally heading to Australia

Edan Lui posts a photo of the group in the boarding area

Alton Wong
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MIRROR's popularity kings Anson Lo Hon Ting and Edan Lui Cheuk On, Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Michael Ning (Bak Ji) starred in the Emperor Motion Picture DOH YUET JEH (MOON THIEVES) officially announced its next Lunar New Year release and a series of teaser character posters. Making his first Lunar New Year film, Anson Lo said, "As a new actor it is an enormous challenge. Although on and off screen there would be a lot of fight scenes and complex character relationships, it is very suitable for the whole family." Edan also said, "I really wish even more viewers would be able to see it!"

Keung To would make a special performance. He was grateful. "Thank you director Yuen Kim Wai for giving me this chance, to play such a challenging character. I have always wanted to play some 'mischievous' character, and I get to shoot a gun. As a new actor, every opportunity should be properly taken advantage of!" Cheung Kai Chung said that the film subject would be fresh and with young idols he was full of confidence.

Meanwhile, Anson Lo, Edan, Keung To, Stanley, Jer and Jeremy yesterday headed to Australia to meet with the 6 MIRROR members who have already arrived to begin the group variety program production. The sextet first arrived at the airport VIP room entrance. Having stated that he wanted to retire, Keung To yesterday was rumored to have suddenly resigned. The news shocked the internet but after confirmation it was just as misunderstanding. When he appeared at the airport he was smiling and waved to fans. Jer and Jeremy came together. Stanley showed off his arms. Edan boldly said that he did not forget to bring anything. Anson Lo arrived last and passionately waved to his "disciples". Would he have two meals on the flight? He joked, "I would have 5!"

Alton's fan club earlier disbanded. Already in Australia he posted a video of the scenery and responded to the incident. "With what happened recently, I hope everyone would give me some space. I believe the FC (fan club) would very quickly find a suitable direction."

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