Thursday, September 14, 2023


Philip Keung and Candy Wong play father and daughter in their new film
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Philip Keung Ho Man and Candy Wong Ka Ching yesterday attended the film POSSESSION STREET (CHEH MALL)'s production wrap banquet. For their first collaboration they played father and daughter.

Hak Jai admitted that this was his first zombie movie, the toughest part was having to work all night shifts. "We shot for over 20 days, everyday started from early morning to noon." Hak Jai said that everyday make up would take over 3 hours in order to create the disfigured effects. Other actors even had to use four or five plastic bags over their heads, and he felt very bad for them. Candy said that she did not know whether she would have any disfigured make up, but she felt excited when she first learned that she would be making a zombie movie. "Because I like to watch zombie films from different nations and regions, I very much look forward to his zombie make up effects." Speaking of Hak Jai playing Candy's Papa, Candy thanked him for taking extra care of her. He was a good elder who very patiently instructed her. Did she have many bad takes? She said, "Not really, I didn't get yelled at either." Hak Jai said that on the set no one was willing to yell at Candy, and praised her potential for film stardom. "I see she coordinates with the visual very well, very flavorful. I believe she would definitely be a star." Hak Jai also said that in their "father and daughter parting" scene, when they discussed it with the director they already could not help but break into tears. Did Candy like singing or acting? She said, "They are two very different things. Acting feels like experiencing another type of life, very refreshing. Singing has the at the moment stage experience, I like both."

In addition, Hak Jai earlier participated in Andy Lau Tak Wa's birthday party, but did not sing on the stage with other guests. He said, "This time was the first time I participated in Wa Jai's birthday party. I didn't sing on the stage as I didn't want to disturb the atmosphere, but I have already put my name down for next year. I want to sing I HATE MY CRAZED HEART with Wa Jai because the song belongs to our era."

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