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Anson Kong's first film leads have received praises.  Some film critics have said that Anson Ko might win Best New Actor if he is nominated for BACK HOME
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Anson Kong and director Nate Ki attend an audience appreciation show
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MIRROR vice captain Anson Kong Yip Sun's first lead in the supernatural film BACK HOME (CHUT YUET FAN GWAI) challenged a character on the verge of an emotional breakdown. In one scene in which he rammed his head into the wall, because he was too focused he ended up bleeding. He even created a "being locked into an elevator to cultivate emotions" method, using self torture to make himself get into character even more.

AK's first film lead required the use of imagination space for many scene due to its supernatural subject. He also had to remember the character before and after mental state, so he asked a drama instructor to supervise and remind him what he needed to pay attention to. Speaking of the character's heavy emotional pressure, AK said that it was not hard to leave the role. "I was afraid that I would bring the negative energy home. Luckily, although the production environment was rough, the process was a lot of fun. After work and removing the make up, everyone would talk and laugh so we would slowly pull away from the emotions from the shoot." AK pointed out that he normally would watch ghost films and horror films. He said that the set had many people, even when the environment had a horrifying atmosphere he did not feel scared. In addition he had to remember his lines and marks, getting distracted would be really hard.

AK said that during the shoot in order to cultivate his mood, he would walk into a pitch dark elevator alone to experience the atmosphere. "Our main set is constructed. When I had to shoot the scarier scenes, I would ask the staff to turn on the elevator for me to go in and experience the atmosphere. Because after the door closes, it is a completely enclosed, all dark space. So for several major scary scenes, before the cameras rolled I would go in for 5 to 10 minutes to warm up. Being alone in there I felt scared, but I know outside many people are there. Actually it has a little self torture element."

He mentioned that one of the scenes that was the most memorable for him. He was in the middle of a red hallway and saw Mama Bai Ling walking toward him. "In order to express the feeling of ramming my head into the wall out of fear, at the time I really rammed into it. After the first take, the director said OK. I touched my head and realized it was wet. Later the cinematographer said to me, 'Dummy, that was the wide shot. It was pretty well done, but can you do a few more for close up?' In the end this scene took 3 or 4 takes, each time I rammed for real. Later I held back. When the crew learned that I rammed until I bled and jumped out of fright."

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