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Renci Yeung

Loletta Lee and Irene Wan are very excited to see each other
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Loletta Lee and Irene Wan 

Renci Yeung and Angel Lam's acting bugs get their fills
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Irene Wan Bik Ha, Loletta Lee Lai Chun, Renci Yeung Si Wing, Angel Lam Chin Ting two nights ago attended their film LONELY EIGHTEEN (NGOR MOON DIK SUP BAK SHUI) premiere. As the producer and the star Irene was excited to see her good friend Lee Lai Chun, saying that she was reminded of many memories. They once lived together for half a year and had a big argument. Were they fighting over a guy? Irene said, "Definitely not, because we have too many boyfriends. Our tastes are different, so we wouldn't fight over guys." Chun Mui said that it was over something minor. "We argued, but we didn't fight. I am more direct, if I am happy I am happy; if I am not I would yell at people." Irene said that she and Chun Mui have been busy with their own things. Although they would not see each other often, their friendship has not changed over the years.

Chun Mui admitted that she only agreed to guest star to support Irene. She revealed that the previous time they worked together was on the 1989 film THE WILD ONES (NGOR MEI SING NIN), in which she played a rebellious rich girl and Irene played a domestic abuse victim. "At the time I was 17, Irene was the first star I met. She took me out to have fun so I thought she was a big sister. Later I realized that she and I were born on the same year, and she has made two more movies than I did."

Playing the younger version of Wan Bik Ha in the film, Lam Chin Ting said that she would appear in light make up and costume for her role. Renci said that she studied elders Lam Bik Kei and Nam Kit Ying's experience for her role, so she had more freedom. She said that her character required foul language and her acting bug had its fill. Would she constantly use foul language normally? She said, "At home I would all the time. (Have you yelled at your boyfriend Owen Cheung Chun Long?) No, after work I would look at the mirror and yell at myself for performing poorly. It seems a little deranged." Lam Chin Ting said that she would only use foul language if she was very mad, which was normal release. Otherwise she would go mad.

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