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Denise Ho after 7 years releases a new song.  Promoting on the radio, she appears to be excited and describes her feeling like an elementary school student on a field trip
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Denise Ho Wan Si yesterday released her new song WILLIAM and promoted it on Commercial Radio, for which she got up early for. She joked that like an elementary school student going on a field trip, she felt like she was a rookie all over again. Ah Si admitted that she felt stressed about releasing a new song. She was a singer, but in recent years she has set this identity aside. She kept looking for ways to return to it, while a lot happened in the general climate; she felt that the previous format was no longer viable, in addition during the pandemic she felt lost for awhile. She needed to explore and muster up the courage to write songs again. She said, "The last time I released a song was already in 2016 with the promoted DEAR COLOR BLACK, even the method at that moment isn't right for the me now."

Ah Si revealed that the journey of becoming a singer again has been tough and long. During the pandemic in 2020, she had no motivation to write songs. Life has come to a stop until she took an online course to learn to write songs, from which she fell in love with writing songs again.

Speaking of the inspiration of creating WILLIAM, Ah Si said, "Where did WILLIAM come from? It's somewhat wonderful, I don't want to explain too clearly. The most wonderful part I would give everyone space to experience. Th whole thing is very personal, a very long experience. I can say it's my most naked (the song). The subject and the experience, I hope everyone won't need me to tell everyone."

Ah Si invited good friend Anthony Wong Yiu Ming for their first collaboration. She remembered extending the invitation to him over two years ago. He said, "Let's not." They did not officially begin until after awhile. Wong Yiu Ming, Lee Shui Han and she produced WILLIAM. Ah Si said, "I am working on 3 songs, Ming Jai is the mastermind. I guess I would work with new comers I haven't worked with before, I can say who yet."

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