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Chrissie Chau chokes Rain Li hard

Jeannie Chan watches as her mother is being tortured
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na in the film PRISON FLOWERS (NUI JI GAM YUK) played a woman who has been sentenced to prison for business fraud. Chrissie admitted that the role had certain difficulties, the challenge of which was turning from the businesswoman to a prisoner. "Prison is a drastically different environment and needs to use different ways to adjust. One of my character's goal is to survive, to reach a place in prison, which is the interesting part about this character."

Chrissie Chau in order to play the role well dropped her pretty girl baggage, constantly having to show vicious looks and mean expressions. She also said that the character was very arrogant, so she constantly got beaten up. "This movie really has many fight scenes, but mainly I get beaten up." However, Chrissie also had her moment to strike back. In one scene she fought with prison big sister Rain Li Choi Wa. Chrissie turned into an action actress as she strongly choked Li Choi Wa in a rather ferocious manner!

Another lead in the film Jeannie Chan Ying played a rebellious daughter with a variety of misunderstanding with mother Carrie Ng Ka Lai. The mother and daughter ran into each other in prison but might as well be strangers. In one scene Chan Ying crossed the wrong people in prison, Ng Ka Lai was dragged in and tortured, as a bound and gagged Chan Ying madly cried. Chan Ying had nothing but praise for Ng Ka Lai, calling her nice and professional. "Sister Ka Lai completely understands how to perform, very able to bring the drama out . In addition this time is an all women team, the group of girls made the movie more fun."

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